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• Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP)
• Manufactured Auto Spray and Filament Winding System by high-tech machine
• The design and manufacturing technology are transferred from KAO Corporation and Thai Mitsui Specialty Chemicals Co.,Ltd. in Japan
• Engineering designed according to the standard with the Safety Factor more than 10 times
• Resistant to chemical corrosion in various chemicals
• Resistant to weather conditions and high temperature
• Strong, durable and non Corrosive
• Long-lasting

Product Detail

• The made-to-order products are available. Clients can choose
• After sales service

Engineering testing standards

• External pressure testing according to the standard of JIS A4101, ASTM D2412
• Tension testing according to the standard of ASTM D638
• Bending testing according to the standard of ASTM D790
• Standard structure design of ASME RTP-1, BS 4994, ASTM D3299, JIS K7012
• Leak detection using Pin-Hole Testing
• Thickness meter testing using thickness meter machine
• Reinforced plastic pipes and pressure equipments design according to the standard of ASTM D2992 (Piping & Fittings only)
• Standard structure pipe design of JIS K 7013, BS 4994 (Pipe only)

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