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Thailand’s leading company in environmental products, construction materials and clean energy businesses through adherence to the good governance for the sustainability of the business, employees and society.

  1. Pursue and develop our business through innovations in water conservation and environmental products, clean energy and sophisticated construction materials as well as management system and services to nourish quality of life, the society and the environment
  2. Combine corporate-wide knowledge and staff capacity to achieve international excellence
  3. Deliver quality goods and services
  4. Expand markets to the Asean Economic Community (AEC) and potential destinations
  5. Conduct business for mutual benefits shared by employees, the business and the society
  6. Pursue business on the basis of corporate governance and integrity under the Thai approach
  7. Operate business under the anti-corruption policy

The company’s mission statement has been approved by the Board of Directors Meeting No. 5/2018 on November 9, 2018. The company has a policy to allow the board of directors to consider and review the the mission statement annually.