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The Memorandum of Association of the company contains the following items:

  • Article 1.

    Company name "Premier Products Public Company Limited"” English Name: PREMIER PRODUCTS PUBLIC COMPANY LIMITED”
  • Article 2.

    The company intends to offer shares to the public.
  • Article 3.

    The objectives of the company are 53 items, details as in Bor Mor Jor. form 002 attached.
  • Article 4.

    Registered capital
    300,000,000.00 บาท
    Three hundred million baht
    Divided into
    Three hundred million shares
    Per Share
    1.00 baht
    One baht
    By separating into:
    Common stock
    Three hundred million shares
    Preferred shares
    ( - )
  • Article 5.

    The head office is located in Bangkok.