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Premier Products Public Company Limited operates its businesses by producing, distributing and serving The Environment Products, The Construction Material and Industrial Products, and The Renewable Energy Products. The company has been operating its businesses under The Core Value “The Premier Business, The Premier People, The Premier Society” which all companies are in The Premier Groups being prior to emphasize in the good corporate governance and manage under the framework of good ethics, transparency by disclosing adequate information to all dimensions either direct or indirect processes. The company has established in writing the against corruption policy for the management and employees as follows;

  1. Against Corruption Measurement is to be a part of its business operations and responsible for the board of director, management, employees and all parties which are able to provide any suggestions on the achievement of against corruption policy as announced.
  2.  The company encourages and supports to all parties that able to provide any suggestions towards against corruption.
  3.  The company will develop the against corruption to comply with the relevant laws and ethics by organizing the risk management in the relevant activities. However, the company arranges manuals/processes to the concerned persons.
  4.  The company will not be supported and/or executed to offer any bribes in all activities; including the donations to charities, government and all parties performing in the ways of corruption.
  5. The company will always organize and control all internal sections for preventing employees are not being corruption; especially Sales, Marketing and Procurement Sections.
  6. The company will provide the against corruption knowledge to the board of director, management and employees for encouraging the honesty and responsibility; also focus on the company directions.
  7. The company will report the financial status to be clear and correct.
  8. The company will encourage by communicating to employees and the relevant parties complaining any corruption and notice issues which be ensured that the reporter will be protected; and promote the against corruption team for monitoring all issues.

In this regard, the Anti-Corruption and Anti-Corruption Policy has been distributed and documented for all employees at all levels, including all suppliers or the subcontractors. To uphold and practice, there is a follow-up review to ensure that the operations are in accordance with the specified objectives and policies.