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Premier Products Public Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer and distributor of environmentally friendly products. Our business includes water storage system, wastewater treatment system, grease trap system and also construction materials that use clean energy. All in all for a better society and a cleaner world.

Water Management System

Premier Products PCL

The Company designs, manufactures, imports and distributes environmental products and services. Main types of products are:

  • Wastewater treatment system
    • Recently, there are many requirements from our customers on wastewater treatment systems; therefore, by serving the different needs of the various customers we have been using two types of raw material in the manufacture of wastewater treatment tanks which are fiberglass and polyethylene where can be divided by usage into 2 types as the followings:
      • Wastewater treatment system for houses and commercial building both the aerobic and anaerobic wastewater treatment products under many of its own brands such as SATS, SUPERSATS, ECO Tank and P.P. Grease Trap.
      • Wastewater treatment system for medium to large buildings and factories; namely, AEROWHEEL, AEROMAX, BIOFil, and Auto Grease Remover system.
  • Wastewater system equipment
    • The Company is a distributor of wastewater system equipment, for example, Tsurumi sewage pump; Tsurumi, Air Pure aerators.
  • Water storage systems
    • The Company is a manufacturer and distributor of water storage tanks made from fiberglass and polyethylene under the brand “PP”, which can be divided into two types by size as follows:
      • Water storage tanks for general use with capacities ranging from 500 - 5,000 liters suitable for houses and buildings such as P.P. D-TANK, P.P. WINK, P.P.SAFE water storage tank, and Intelligence Water Storage Tank to accommodate water pumps to be installed on top of the tank, making it ideal for limited space while reducing noise and risk from potential floods. With a friendly appeal and ease of maintenance, the new Intelligence Water Storage Tank can be installed more easily with a water reserve system to help save water bills;
      • Large water storage tanks made from fiberglass of high quality and strength with capacities ranging from 5,000 - 100,000 liters suitable for buildings or factories such as BIG TANK water storage, where can be storage both on-ground and underground, in vertical and horizontal positions. To be an alternative as needed and suitability of end use requirements.
  • Integrated Water Management Systems (Water Solution)
    • With drought and water shortages increasing every year, there is a need to manage water usage efficiently and economically from the beginning of the water usage process to water treatment and recycling. The Company realizes the importance of integrated water management and provides advice, consultation, survey, design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance services for integrated water management systems for both clean and wastewater to provide value for investments by the customers with consideration of the environmental impact and corresponds with the type of business, such as office buildings, residences, hotels, department stores, industrial factories, etc. In the design of the integrated water management system (water solution), the Company can use standard products to design the system according to the needs of the customers, such as standard products under the brand Maxfil-UF that can filter suspended solids, bacteria and contaminated particles, and also make maintenance convenient by designing data storage systems and software for data analysis that is managed through IT systems for speed in reporting and accuracy in monitoring system performance.
  • Air Pollution Treatment System
    • The Company is a designer, manufacturer and distributor air pollution treatment systems and odour treatment systems, namely the wet scrubber that can filter dust particles of less than 1 micron and treats odour, acid vapours and chemical vapours, such as hydrochloric acid, ammonia, sulphur dioxide, hydrofluoric acid and hydrogen sulphide, that occurs in the battery industry, metal plating industry, chemical industry, electronics industry, rubber industry, etc.

Environmental Preservation Products Group

Premier Products PCL

The Company operates as a manufacturer and distributor, including design and installation of Environmental preservation products, made from glass reinforced cement, fiberglass reinforced plastic, fiberglass reinforced acrylic, forming steel and solar power system installed on roofs (solar rooftop), as well as products made to customer requirements and products for project work. The types of products can be divided as follows:

  • Precast lightweight wall panels, decorative cornices and building decoration materials
    • With over 40 years of expertise, the Company is a manufacturer and distributor of decorative building materials that are manufactured from high quality glassfibre reinforced concrete, which are environmentally friendly and have good insulation properties, has higher tensile strength than general steel reinforced concrete and can be made in a variety of textures like gravel, stone, sand wash and mixed with color pigments to create patterns on the surface of the work. They are made with advanced engineering design processes, prototyping using 3D systems and modern technology and precisely fulfil the design according to the architect’s requirements. With the property of glass fibre reinforced cement that is strong, workpieces can be made as thin as 5 millimeters, which helps to reduce transportation and construction costs, and can be made into complex forms that are too complicated to be manufactured and installed using general materials currently in the market. Glassfibre reinforced cement material is lightweight but durable and resistant to all weather conditions and can be designed for use in almost every building. It is ideal for use in design and retrofitting old buildings and new buildings that want to reduce the structural load and is quick to manufacture and install.
  • Noise barrier systems
    • The Company produces and distributes noise barrier systems with support and transfer of noise control technology and barrier design from Japan’s Asahi Building-Wall Co., Ltd. The noise barrier systems are made of various materials ranging from fiber glass-reinforced cement to fiber glass-reinforced plastic. The system is designed on the principle of noise control where noise is reduced either by echoing, distributing or absorbing it in order to reduce a noise level at the point of origin or at the end point. The systems are designed for use in highway projects, at factories and in residential projects.
  • Chemical corrosion resistant tanks and chemical corrosion resistant components
    • The Company is a designer, manufacturer and distributor of chemical corrosion resistant tanks, chemical fume hood components, chemical chimneys and various workpieces that must be resistant to chemicals. These tanks and equipment have been designed and tested according to engineering principles and are manufactured with modern machinery with auto spray and filament winding systems. The materials selected for use are of high quality and resistant to corrosion from chemicals that they are exposed to or filled with and are safe for industrial use. Consulting and design services as appropriate for each industry that is different are provided to customers both in the domestic and overseas markets.

Rooftop Solar Energy

Premier Products PCL

The Company offers survey, design and installation services of the solar rooftop system. We are a distributor of the solar PV system of the world’s leading solar PV manufacturers; namely, Norway’s REC solar cells, China’s JINKO solar cells, Germany’s SMA inverter; Australia’s mounting structures and Solar Energy Storage Systems from for both project clients and individual customers.