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From idea to innovation for a greener world we create better products for the environment

For over 40 years, we have continously served our clients in the Public and Private sectors with products that are beneficial for the environment. The confidence that has been entrusted will drive us to continue creating products that will help keep this world a cleaner and greener for generations to come.

Our Business

Premier Products Public Company Limited is a manufacturer and distributor of construction products that provide benefits to both, end users and the environment. Our products include Wastewater Treatment System, Clean Water Storage Tanks, CR Storage Tanks, Bio Scrubber, Noise Barriers, GRC Facades, and Solar Roof Systems. All in all, for a better society and a cleaner world.


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Business Partners

Currently, Premier Products Public Company  Limited is considered one of the leaders in wastewater treatment and water storage systems and also is the leader in the production and distribution of building materials and industrial products in Thailand